He Sings to Me



Looking beyond the rubble
My eyes focus on the words painted in red
Big bold letters of fiery Crimson
Now bleeding from last night’s rain
Then the man the legend came to mind
And I heard Bob screaming
“Revolution on my mind
We bin wasting so much time
Everyday problems in the world they maximize”
And like a horribly staged scene in a might have been good movie
I realize I am now surrounded by men and women my age
And we all stand there-SILENT
Looking at each other
Then looking at the rubble
Looking at each other
Then the rubble
Our souls screaming but our mouths, like our hands before, motionless
I felt a touch on my shoulder, and then there was a whisper
“When did this happen?”
I turned to see this brave silly soul who had dared to speak
I looked at his face and I realized he felt as ambushed as I did
And it was then that my lips parted
“See them fighting for power But they know not the hour So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money, Trying to belittle our I-tegrity now. They say what we know Is just what they teach us; And we're so ignorant 'Cause every time they can reach us
Through political strategy They keep us hungry And when you gonna get some food Your brother got to be your enemy
Ambush in the night”
I heard the words and I felt my tongue moving
I wasn’t speaking
He just looked at me as the lunatic I must have seemed to be
And I turned to face the rubble once more
The letters still bleeding from the billboard
Seem now to glisten in the early morning sun
And my heart smiled
"Don't worry 'bout a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be all right."
I moved closer to the rubble and the crowd moved with me
Then with our bare hands we began moving stones.

Adriana S. King 2010

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