The Beggar Life

It was the day I paid my vehicle license or whatever that thing is called. I was going into Massy's and my beggar friend was there. I have to call him my beggar friend because he addresses me by a name he gave to me a long time ago, long before there was Brangelina, there was Star Girl and Star Boy. Anyways, this is not to discuss my ex.

I just done plug out about 1/3 of my disposable income to keep this car on the road so you know I am not in a good mood. I spotted him before he spotted me and I had a plan. As soon as I stepped out the vehicle he shouted me, "Star Girl!" I responded, "Aye, wha yo have for me?" That was my plan- I was going to beg first!. lmao He was shocked, he asked, "What I have for you? I responded, "Yes what YOU have for ME, you don't think sometimes I might want a little change to make up in the supermarket sometimes? I have more bills and responsibilities than you ah nuh." All he could say was, "Alright Star Girl."

Now, there is a woman who is trying to take over, so to her I am "Rasta Woman". I am well aware that some of us have it real hard but we should never assume that everybody is living a golden life.

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